Hey beautiful, I'm Clairissa.

I'm an award-winning entrepreneur, beauty business coach, mom, owner of Bare Body Sugaring, and Founder of the Bare at Home Kit. 

I've grown Bare from a dream to one of Canada's most highly-recognized and respected hair removal brands with three storefront locations and more than 30 employees: all while balancing motherhood and with no formal business training. 

If you're here, you might be exactly where I was: desperate to grow your beauty business, working 12 hour days, non-stop hustling, and wanting more abundance, success, and balance.

After 13 years of figuring it all out on my own through trial and error, I've reached a level of success I could have only dreamt about… 
And I'm now sharing my secrets with those who commit to their success and are ready to level up through my coaching programs.

I'm sharing my story with others to help inspire you to go beyond what you might think is possible because I've been there.
what it took

Launch Your Business with the Same Steps i took

I grew up a far cry from what my life looks like now; in low-income housing, born to a single teen mom and an immigrant father: two tenacious and resilient humans who wanted the best for me. 
But as an Indigenous woman in Canada, the odds of surviving, never mind thriving, have been slim since day 1: and doubters have always loved to remind me of this. 
Seeing my mom fight for her survival made me a fighter, too... and I realized that entrepreneurship could be my way out of this vicious cycle of poverty, loss, and scarcity.
After hustling for the success I craved, I built and co-owned multiple six-figure real estate and online marketing companies. I was on top of the world... until I wasn't.
Suddenly, my world came out from underneath me, and I was a young single mom with nothing to my name. 
While my world had been turned upside down, I knew I could fight my way back to the top. 

I've grown up as a fighter... because fearless is what I had to be.

I had completed a body sugaring course a couple of years prior, and with no other choice, I scraped up some money to buy body sugar paste and made some makeshift room in my basement. I had my son's playpen in the corner, bought a second-hand table, and just made it work.

At first, I could barely get through one client's leg in under 2 hours (this client has stuck with me until now, by the way). 

But I kept going and started to develop my niche: I wanted to be different in this massive beauty world, so I did precisely that. I focused on ONE service and became great at it. I had a steady clientele coming to my basement full of my kid's toys, and before I knew it, I was outgrowing my space.

I met my (now) husband, who encouraged me to rent a room. I didn't know if I could afford the $500 a month, but he reassured me that it would be okay. And if it weren't, we'd figure it out together.

You see: you don't need money, connections, or a massive loan. You do need tenacity, dedication, and consistency - each one of those being a pillar on its own.

I started up in a tiny room, and before I knew it, I was sugaring 25-30 people a day

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Six months later, I opened up a two-room space, and we had lineups out the door. Two years later, I opened our new flagship store with four rooms. We opened up our second location, and then another year after that, our third location was born. Within five years, I opened up three massive stores, we have a team of 35 people, and I generated this ALL with one service.

I give back to my community, my business sponsors children worldwide, and I have a solid team that is incredibly loyal. I built this from scratch, with zero formal business training, starting with no money and starting with people in my head constantly telling me there was no way I could succeed.

Now, I'm teaching students all over the world exactly how I did it— my exact blueprint for executing a successful beauty business no matter where you are on the growth scale. 
My programs are no-fluff, real-talk, real-world action plans that will accelerate your growth and build wildly successful businesses… just like mine. 

I stumbled, I fell, and now I am finally at a place where I know exactly what works, what doesn't.... packaged up in a beautiful roadmap I'm sharing with all of you. 

I believe everyone deserves the success and freedom they've dreamt about, too, and I am here to even the playing field for those who were just like me. 

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