It’s time to step into your light and

Build Your Beauty Empire

Don’t worry babe, I’ve got the roadmap. 

Hey, gorgeous: I know you. You’re an established beauty entrepreneur, feeling like you’re on the edge of unlocking growth. 

The only problem? You have no idea what you need to do to get there.

You’ve taken courses, certifications, and might have even hired a coach before - but without getting exactly what you need to do to level up and scale up. 

You know you have what it takes to make it in this industry, and you’re tired of playing small

Hey Beautiful, let me guess, you're:

  • A talented, booked out beauty professional with a dream of owning your own business
  • Tired of trading time for money, working 10-12 hour shifts just to make ends meet
  • Equally obsessed with your clients who love you, but feel your heart sink when they ask the dreaded question of *when* you’ll open your own salon
  • Finding yourself saying “when I open my studio…I’ll”, but have no idea how, or when

  • Feeling isolated in the beauty industry and desperately want a mentor who’s been where you are
  • Spending every waking moment dreaming of the gorgeous business you want to build.
Find yourself nodding along? Keep reading, love.

Launch your business with the same steps I took.

Hi, I’m Clairissa.

I’m a coach, entrepreneur, mom, owner of Bare Body Sugaring: an award-winning, premiere sugaring salon, and Founder of the Bare at Home Kit.

I’ve grown Bare from a dream to one of Canada’s most highly-recognized and respected hair removal brands with more than 30 employees: all while balancing motherhood, multiple businesses, and even opening a third studio when the rest of the world stopped 🤯

But it wasn’t always this way. 

12 years ago, I was a single mother trying to hustle my way to be able to afford leasing a space for my start-up sugaring business... with no connections, savings, or idea of where to start.

I was exactly where you are now: dreaming of the potential income and impact I could make on the beauty industry, but without a plan.

After more than a decade of being in the body sugaring industry, I’ve surpassed even what I thought was possible: creating a thriving business that generates multiple six-figures and gives me the flexibility to travel as much as I want with the love of my life, be an amazing mother to a *spicy* toddler and teenage son, and invest my time into giving back and coaching my talented team of 30 employees in three storefront locations.

I’m obsessed with helping others get from A-Z in a light-speed time frame, and am here to show you exactly how I did it.

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Featured in:

the beauty business accelerator

Beauty Business Accelerator is my signature online course for beauty entrepreneurs who want the systems, templates, and roadmap to open their own business: getting everything you need to know to own your own studio.

My promise to you: BBA online coaching program will get you from stuck to ready to ready to open your beauty business in just 90 days through video lessons, PDFs, templates, and my A-Z plan. With lifetime access and bi-weekly coaching calls, you’ll have everything you need to ditch imposter syndrome and open the business of your dreams. 

Psst: let’s talk about that before and after, gorgeous. 

Imagine if you could go from:
Stuck and scared of failure
Confident with an A-Z plan for success
Working 10-12 hour days
Freedom and flexibility with your schedule
Plateaued at X income
Adding $5k a month- bare ass minimum, babe
Overwhelmed by the “legal stuff” and hiring
Contracts set, negotiation tactics on hand, and a system to hire
Feeling like an imposter
Mastering your CEO mindset
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what's included?

BBA Foundations

value: $1000

It’s all about setting yourself up for success with mastering that mindset, babe. Because you can’t build an empire if you don’t believe in yourself. 

In this module, we cover the mindset practices that have been the secret sauce to my success, including:

  • Mindset Mastery
  • Vision Board Manifestation Practices
  • Daily Habits: What to Do to Support Your Dream
  • Magic Manifestation: How to Harness Your Natural Board gifts to succeed
  • How to carve your own space in the beauty industry and attract your niche

BONUS: My private library list of life-changing books

The space to scale method

value: $1200

Whether you’re a new beauty practitioner or have already established yourself in a space, I teach you my 3-part space scaling method bringing you from your basement to a built out salon:

  • How to find the right salon that will help you position yourself for success down the road
  • Already renting a room? We review the key metrics you need to have in place before you branch out on your own
  • Ready to build out your studio? Let’s look at the *exact* things you need to look for in a space and how to plan for this move.

BONUS: How to negotiate leases: my script 

BONUS: Affordability calculator: my equation to know what you can afford 

Building your ‘A’ team

value: $797

An amazing and motivated team is one of the most important things you need while building the beauty business of your dreams. Tap into my 12+ years of experience in hiring, leading, managing, and (whelp) even firing, when necessary.

  • How to know when you’re ready to hire… and psst: what role that person needs to fill
  • How to interview someone: my template 
  • Building and fostering a positive and no BS environment 
  • Rockstar vs. red flag team checklist
  • How to fire someone 

BONUS: Legal contract templates

Social Media Marketing

value: $997

Hate social media? Already an influencer? This module is one of my best-kept secrets (well, only until you join!) teaching you how to invite the world to know your personal brand and the person behind the beauty business.

  • How to name your business and develop a visual identity
  • The best content for your beauty business
  • Going viral: the good, the bad, and how to respond
  • How to create a voice and communicate that through content on social media 
  • Inside look: the post that generated me 20 million hits 

BONUS: Tik Tok Hacks 

Systems that Scale Value

value: $1232

We don’t rise to our goals, babe. We fall to the quality of our systems. This module focuses on getting you out of working *in* your business so you can work *on* your biz.

  • How to create systems and standard operating procedures so that your business is working for you, even when you’re not there 
  • Strengths assessment: identify areas to hire for that complement your superpowers
  • Growth hacks: how taking a step back will launch you 10 steps forward 
  • Testing your systems: making sure your business can run without you on autopilot


value: $2997

Don’t know where to start when looking for a location? I’ll share my time tested secrets when looking for a space

  • Square, acuity, genbook and 100 different booking systems. Don’t worry, I've tried a few, and can give you the pro’s and con’s.
  • Overwhelmed? Don’t worry. I have the exact step by step plan on how to go from looking at spaces to your first day being open.
  • Setting up systems in place to ensure your stores run smoothly, even if you aren’t there.

BONUS: Optional Q&A call from the general contractor (my mvp husband) who built 5 locations from scratch.

The Difference Makers

value: $497

In an ocean of beauty salons, you need to know exactly how to stand out so that you can confidently ditch comparison (we don’t know her), and be different while moving different.

  • Don’t look at other sugaring/beauty places to find your voice. Find your own.
  • Become the place that others aspire to be
  • Be 10 steps ahead of your industry
  • Comparison-we don’t got time for that. The thief of... well, everything.
  • Focus on you and yours. This will be the difference maker between being stuck to thriving.

The Boring Sh*t

value: $1997

Just like mindset… having your *stuff* together will give you peace of mind - so that the only thing waking you up at night is your beautiful and v. spicy toddler (no, just me? Okay then you’ll sleep ah-maze-ingly after this module!)

  • Accounting checklists
  • Legal checklists
  • Incorporation: when + how
  • Funding your business
  • Finding resources 
bonus module

Starting a Product Line

  • How to find a meeting
  • Sourcing your product
  • Packaging… everything from MDQs, to designs, to Shopify (oh my!) 


Now that you’re convinced about this amazing transformation made possible by the Beauty Business Accelerator… Let me hit you with some GIFTS.

Your Full Bonuses

Now that you’re convinced about this amazing transformation made possible by the Beauty Business Accelerator… Let me hit you with some GIFTS.

  • 30 Day Social Media Caption Prompt
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls for 90 days 
  • Employee contracts
  • Shop etiquette poster 
  • Employee expectations checklist
  • How to work with influencers to leverage their networks 

This is truly the only course of its kind that will get you from stuck to scaling, learning from someone who’s been exactly where you are. 


Total Value of BBA: $10 700

BBA Price: $2444!

*That’s over $8256 in savings to help you launch your biz, babe. 

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Don't just take my word for it, see what they have to say:

“Once I saw Clairissa posting about a business course I knew I had to take it, and I was not disappointed. I have taken many courses and none were actually able to help. I was usually left in the dark but with Clairissa she takes the time to figure out what your goals are and what steps you need to take to get there. She is patient and always checks in which no one ever did.l She is amazing and actually cares about your business. 10/10 would recommend her.”

-Elizabeth Q

“I implemented everything Clairissa said, and it’s been crazy. I started from nothing to making $3k in profit in the first month. Working with her has been a game changer for me”

-Mara B

“Clairissa gave me that boost of confidence that I really needed to start this journey, and have officially taken the leap with my new business to get it started. It felt so overwhelming, but she gave me a clear and direct roadmap of what I needed. I was able to take on clients before I even had a website by using the IG principles Clairissa shared. Thank you, Clairissa!”

-Samantha W
Frequently asked questions

You've got Questions?

I've got the answers.

“I’ve only been in business for a year...will this be over my head?”

Nope! This accelerator program is designed to bring you from brand-new to having a solid plan to build out your first studio or salon. Whether this is your first year, or you’re a decade in but wanting to scale your business, this program will help you.

“I don’t know that I have the time to dedicate to a course right now- my hours are crazy, but I know I need this!”

I’ve been there. The amazing thing about online learning and the reason this course is virtual is so you can take the modules at your own pace, and with lifetime access, you can come back to it anytime.”

“I’m in a completely different time zone and likely won’t be able to make the calls- will they be recorded?”

Absolutely. All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded to your learning platform. You can pre-ask your questions in the Facebook community and I’ll be answering them even if you can’t make the call live.

I already have a brick & mortar storefront and employees and am looking to scale this to six figures… is this right for me?

Congratulations love! My 1:1 Coaching services would be more up your alley… Shoot me a DM and let’s chat 😉

Do you teach beauty techniques like sugaring?

Nope: this is a business course to help you launch, grow, and scale your business. The technique and certification is unique to you and your skills!

I’m not fully sure I can invest right now…

Only you know what you’re capable of, but let me ask you: what’s the cost of not investing? Staying stuck, feeling plateaued, burning out, and worst of all: missing out on precious time with your family and friends because you can’t scale? There is always a cost to levelling up, and the program promise leads you to getting consistent $5k months if you implement everything I teach you. Let’s do this, babe.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of my course and the IMMEDIATE access to all of my lessons, there are no refunds offered. If you’ve selected a payment plan, that payment will automatically be processed 30 days after payment 1.

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Imagine for a second...

How amazing you’ll feel having the tools, knowledge, resources, and templates to launch your business into a proven model of success.

How confident you’ll feel telling your friends, family, and clients about the new business you’re launching and scaling… from metrics, to contracts.

Feeling EXCITED to show up on social media and share your story, with content prompts that get amazing results and engagement

Loving your schedule, life, and business: because that’s what it’s all about… and I believe you can. 

Will you join me?

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“After working under someone for more than 5 years as a nail technician, I decided it was time for a change and to start running my own small business. I was super nervous and also clueless when it came to entrepreneurship.
I really battled back and forth whether the risk of going off on my own would be worth it. But through the right timing, I came in contact with Clairissa. She helped me navigate the main steps to properly set up a small business.
The way she described each process was clear and concise. There were many things I didn’t think were even necessary to start a legitimate business. Aside from logistics, Clairissa helped me gain the confidence to take the plunge. She was readily available to answer any questions and was genuinely supportive in my new career path.”

-ashley c

“I wanted to give a huge shout out to my mentor Clairissa. She has been so much help for me, starting my business from scratch. Things were going well, but I knew it could be better and that I could be making more. I always followed her on social media, and loved how powerful she was and her style of how she ran her business so I decided to reach out.
We had maybe a 1 hour call and she told me exactly where I was lacking. After one phone call our sales have literally tripled. I’m looking forward to continuing working with her. If you are looking for a good mentor, you need help and actual questions answered. She is the one. She won’t hide anything and tell you exactly. It was so helpful, I can’t thank you enough Clairissa. I look forward to more.”

-harman k